Zombies in Heaven: a scary-tale

The haunted fires of hell were burning bright.  Angels, hundreds and hundreds of angels lay dead on the ground. Blood dripping red from their ears. From their mouths. All their teeth were missing as the zombies made their way to the White Castle of Prince Belvedere. 

The worst thing in the world had happened: Someone let a zombie into heaven. 

How the zombies had tricked the angels? One can only imagine. Some said, when approaching the gates of heaven, the angels (as they always do) asked, “You’re not a zombie, are you?” Now, if you lie, a trap door Continue reading Zombies in Heaven: a scary-tale

If you let me in

If you let me in for supper, I promise I’ll be good. You can trust someone like me. I’ve been told that I make you a little uncomfortable. Sorry about that. It’s not my intention. I wan’t you to feel warm. At home. Relax, and take a sip of water. You don’t even have to know I’m here. It’s better if you don’t. See, I’m real quiet. I have this funny thing Continue reading If you let me in