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The Invited Rule

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Jen followed ‘the invited rule’ down into it’s stinking sweaty heart. She wanted her best friend Kylin to be at her wedding, but then was forced to invite Ted.

Jen read in the Oprah ‘100 Good Thing to do to Bad People’ that when having a cocktail party you needn’t worry about the invited rule. With a cocktail’s parties loud, and unfinished broad strokes of simplicity, self-assurance, and oomph! — you could potentially go through the entire evening without seeing any blemishes, dark spots, or uninvited/unwanted guests; a wedding was different. It was unavoidable. There would be no Kylin at her wedding if she didn’t invite that loose, lousy, cat-killer.

To be fair, Ted didn’t start out a satanic follower of a religious ‘purge’ believing cult. He wore tight pants and always tucked in his buttoned down Brooks Brothers all cotton classic point forward dress shirt. But things changed the day Jen saw Ted kick the cat. To completely fair. It wasn’t exactly a kick. Which Continue reading The Invited Rule