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When I am lost

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When I am lost upon a journey’s end
And all uprear’d is letters of my doom;
Take the time to pardon faults and mend
Decrepit lies, your sister, tells your womb.
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Is there a better moment in all of KHVI (part 2)?

Castle. Two men. Swords drawn.
OLD CLIFFORD: What seest thou in me York? Why dost thou pause?
YORK: With thy brave bearing should I be in love,
But thou art so fast mine enemy.
OLD CLIFFORD: Nor should thou prowess want praise my esteem,
But that tis shown ignobly and in treason.

The respect they have for each other. It stops them from fighting, and York uses the word ‘love’ on his enemy.

Then York kills Old Clifford. Hey. He’s a Lancaster.