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I saw a black bear: Old Rag

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Beautiful day.
It really is.
Not gonna be more of these left.
Gotta get the hiking in while I can.
The boots.
Ah. Yes.
Good company.
Are they?
They do a lot for wilderness initiatives — notably in areas with bear population.
That’s great.
No, it really is. A company that spends it’s Continue reading I saw a black bear: Old Rag

straight no chaser: Old Rag

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When you said “I’ll never leave you,” I get that you didn’t mean “never.” Fine. It’s been a week, though… You can’t throw around words like that, and not expect them to have meaning. And it’s a bold thing to say. Who says that anymore? Except when you are in love, and actually mean it, or you just finished a long hike and you’ve revealed some angst filled strain in your DNA that your dad gave you when you were eight. Because that’s when Continue reading straight no chaser: Old Rag