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Talk Radio

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We’re here at 95.9FM, and I’m Angela Murphy coming to you live form the Make up hour. We know you’re hurt. We know he left. We know she’s never coming back. Caller number five, you’re our lucky caller of they day…
Cindy, you’re on the air.
Angela, I’ve been listening to your show for seven years now.
Thank you, Cindy.
On my drive home from the bowling alley, just Continue reading Talk Radio

She’s Still Alive

My mother used to embarrass my brother and I when we were kids—just by being loud, or provocative, or just being herself. When she passed away, my brother was really broken up about it—we were sitting on the couch, in our house in Florida. We were on the back patio, which was really beautiful—enclosed with french doors—that looked out onto the ficus tree and lake: (which had alligators, Continue reading She’s Still Alive