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I trained behind the bar last night at Pastis. It was frantic, exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everyone looked so beautiful. The bartender who trained me was “Pete.” I think he is from Manchester and the only reason I think this is because the bar-back told me. The bar-back is “Tony,” and I guessed he was from Russia but I was wrong he is from Kosovo. It’s important to be internationally conscious and well read, so to brag, I brought up an article I had just read about Kosovo in Time Magazine…..
TONY: Who?
Me: Ana Ivanovic. The tennis player.
TONY: Oh, yes.
Me: She just won the French Open. They say she ‘s got a pretty good chance on winning Wimbledon.
TONY: Yes, but she is from Serbia.
Me: Yes, oh, I thought you said you were from Serbia.
TONY: Kosovo.
Me: Oh, ok.

I got out of that one. I went home and reread the article…. Continue reading Pastis