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The Girl Who Ate Green Beans


The girl who ate green beans
As you can see
Is having a minor catastrophe.
Her major complaint is the sun in the sky is too far.
Too far?
Too far, she screams: irate and immobile.
Her fury an anchor—no smile to detect.
In fact, she thought, as she scarfed
down an apple, which brought up a minor cacophony.
Which took her through an alley Continue reading The Girl Who Ate Green Beans

Is this Paris?


So take me down to Paris then,
Take me to the corner.
Green can meet and blush;
All the secrets kept can rush out while we eat.
Oysters and spice,
Won’t it be great?
We’ll know the maitre d and wife,
Won’t it be great!
We’ll have our favorite seats, Continue reading Is this Paris?