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The only man on earth

Photo on 1-27-14 at 11.10 AM
Being the only man on earth
I find waiting for coffee
Not much of a wait.
I used to dread being twelfth in line
Brooding behind moms, and suits, and punks
Headset barista would radio my order
And nine cappuccinos, two espressos, and one mocha later
I’d be out the door.
These days I feel rushed. Continue reading The only man on earth

The Sauna

 photo IMG_1030.jpg
Having stared at the older man’s crotch the first second I opened the door to the sauna in my gym last Tuesday, I decided this morning (if he were still there with his crotch open and exposed) I would stare in another direction (or, simply not stare at all).To my surprise, and his relief: I was alone.

I entered the sauna and turned the sand through the hour glass timer upside down with an eye on the five minute mark. Anything more would leave me completely dehydrated. Anything more than dehydrated, would leave me lifeless. Anything more than lifeless, would actually give me more energy as spurts of adrenaline would Continue reading The Sauna