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Sometimes I walk by birds and get upset when they fly away.
My dad says it’s cause I startle them, but I don’t know if that’s true.
If I see a bird up the path,
I keep my steps even and begin to think past them.
It sounds weird, but I think beyond the space where they are.
Looking past them at the bus stop,
I’ll think about why my dad was late picking me up;
If he were on time we might have made the bus, Continue reading Birds

Hostel Tom

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I never had Popeye’s before.
How have you never had Popeye’s?
We don’t have it.
I thought your people were civilized.
Definitely not. Is it that good?
Yeah, it’s that good. See this bulletproof glass?
Everyone wants the secrets—
I’ve heard this is a bad area.
They want the chickens—
They want the recipe.
Hi, miss.
Hello, welcome to Popeye’s Chicken, my name’s Rachelle, Continue reading Hostel Tom