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This was backstage at The Rep. We held for a few minutes, and I got antsy.

(This will only be funny to the men who have played “Thomas” in ‘Venus in Fur’ by David Ives. And maybe not even them.)

This is an improvisation. David Ives did not write this, nor should he be associated with this (unless he wants to be.)

Ben&Lucille: Capital Fringe Festival 2014

 photo IMG_1762_zpsbe015786.jpg
I’ve always been interested in the Artist vs. the Realist — probably because when I told my father I wanted to be an artist his exact words were “don’t be an idiot.”

Like most of our parents, he grew up in a time when ‘choice’ was a luxury. Having to pack his bags and leave Hungary as a nine year old kid — travel at the dead of night through forest and hill to get to Austria — didn’t exactly give him the ‘I can be anything’ feeling Continue reading Ben&Lucille: Capital Fringe Festival 2014