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I Don’t Want to Die

A documentary on a 1996 climbing expedition to Everest which left over nine people dead including two experienced Himalayan Tour Guides played on PBS last night. Retreating from the summit down the treacherous “Hillary Step” some clouds flew in from the West. “One minute you could see the camp below, the next minute complete darkness,” said one trekker. Watching the documentary unfold as I lay on top of my down-filled blankets with the window open letting in 60 degree winds coming in at no faster than 1 mile an hour, I became cold. Out of respect for the team members on that mountain, I took no such cover. The climbers became disoriented. People were falling from exhaustion. One man became blind. All were suffering from hypothermia.
The ranges looked beautiful. The photographs astonishing. They were inviting. They were also threatening. The mountain seems to beckon. To call out your spirit. It wants you.
Watching the film I had the idea I Continue reading I Don’t Want to Die