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It Could be Worse

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In the long day of the fading afternoon I asked you a question. You were sitting next to me and I had made a comment about whether you believed in quantum physics where different things can happen at different times. You told me to keep it short as you had someplace to be. I wasn’t expecting you to leave and that made me nervous. Sorry I spilt that Continue reading It Could be Worse

Twenty two

A couple is nice
When you visit the beach.
Parking is usually backed up,
So it’s useful to have someone
Procure a spot close to the water.
One of you could have made sandwiches
While the other put sunblock in a beach bag.
Working well together—you could have your toes in the
Water by nine am.

If it starts to rain, Continue reading Twenty two


A cafe. A couple sits at a table.
W: But that’s just it—how can we break away from what’s established if we don’t undermine the powers that teach?
M: But to what end?
W: We’re looking for a beginning not an end.
M: We can’t bite the hand that feeds. It isn’t right.
W: I’m curious as to what you think. I’m curious to hear how you’re mind works.
M: We must bolster the one’s in power.
W: I hear what you’re saying.
M: Engage them in conversation.
W: Which is what we Continue reading Three