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Boulevard of Broken Bus Stop’s

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That’s what I was telling him.
That’s exactly what I was telling him.
Lenny come in here screaming and hollering with —
“I don’t have my hat. When I get my hat that’s when you’ll see.”
Scratchin the pool table,
Bending over his stick like “hmmmmm.”
Serious as coffee.
What is that? Hey! What is that?
Hey! Hey!
Don’t be Continue reading Boulevard of Broken Bus Stop’s

The Lowest Denominator

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At a cafe in Maine last week I stumbled upon a journal that someone had left in the floorboard of the wall. I was just staring into space, and thinking about my future — picking at the tiles near the sugar and napkin holder — when a larger piece fell with a PLOOP, and out comes the edges of fifty, maybe sixty pages tied together with faded twine. Continue reading The Lowest Denominator

Stop Coffee

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I’ve stopped drinking coffee.

It was hard and I would be lying if I say I didn’t miss it.

There is no way to wean coffee out of your life. I tried, but it didn’t work. The beans in the bag became stale. The grinder had an irritating whirr! as I prepared the french press. The hot water seemed to hurt the grinds. The absence of harmony was prescient in all these ritual ways and I should have seen it coming. I was selfish, stupid, and damn near impossible to reason with as the addiction to the precious liquid became too near, too dear. I became so dependent on coffee. It almost seemed as if coffee stopped me. Which I took absurdly personal.

I had an annoying incident with the makings of a headache. It never seemed to become a full on pain, but just suggested a fogginess, a blunt ache that was two inches away from my forehead. I was weak. I was sad. I was lonely and it was such a harsh offing of the sweet bean, that Continue reading Stop Coffee

The coffee situation

I love coffee. Coffee mugs, cute spoons for measuring out coffee grinds, coffee machines—everything. This last Christmas I had asked for gourmet blends, and I received two bags of whole bean coffee. My coffee grinder broke, and I go into Whole Foods. It’s early, there’s already eight or ten people in line to purchase coffee/pastries. The grinder Continue reading The coffee situation