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2 Laundromats In Competition

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Across the street from my bedroom window one can see a new sign that reads, “Min-Yang Cleaners.” I’ve never met Min-Yang, no one has ever introduced themselves as Min-Yang, and I’m not quite sure where Min-Yang fits into the piece of the puzzle, but I don’t use them anymore because I dropped off a carpet to be cleaned with my laundry one day and they washed them together in the same load.
On the other side of the street there is another new sign in much the same font as Min-Yang, Continue reading 2 Laundromats In Competition


An old picture of Rafael and I during breakfast. He is eating Kids First Oatmeal blended with breast milk. He hadn’t realized he could take off his own bib yet. The white cover on top of his table is still on so he was probably not strong enough yet to rip that off (as he did later). Bottom right is an album of Tubby the Tuba. A terrific tale of a Tuba named Tubby who wants more from his life than the reciting of a simple bass line; dreams of having his own solo and though ridiculed and humiliated by his orchestra, runs away, meets a frog, learns the lesson of belief in self and the power of stealing your friends idea’s and improving on them, only to come back and wow the entire concert hall. My hair is also much longer now on the lower parts of my shoulder and back.