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After midnight, Professor Quilty stumbled into his office and saw a note lying on the dark orange ottoman. He was on his way to the living room, finishing off an otherwise pathetic evening of missed chances and failed opportunities — grabbed the Continue reading Olfactory

House Arrest

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911 emergency. Go ahead.
Hi, this isn’t an emergency. I just wanted to let you know there’s a raccoon outside.
A racoon?
This is 911 emergency. Please hang up and call 311 for your local—
It’s a little more urgent than that. He won’t let me out.
Excuse me?
He won’t let me out Continue reading House Arrest

Frisco, and the Dead Duck

I had a dog in high school that was amazing at three things: hunting, swimming, and running away. This dog, you come home from school, you’re tired, you just want to open your door and you open it, and his little devil brown snout wedges itself between the door way and gone. He’s gone, and you won’t see him for thirty minutes, and you can’t be like, “Fuck you, fucking Continue reading Frisco, and the Dead Duck