Public Bath House

I joined a Public Bath House for 75 dollars a year. It has an outdoor pool an indoor pool, a ping pong table, a snooker table, and a full gym.
What’s the catch?
Today there was a small skirmish in the rec room. Someone was found Continue reading Public Bath House


Keeping the Conversation Going Strong

After the initial, “Hey, do you know if they have Guiness here,” do you get tongue tied or just become basically at a complete loss for words? Me too. How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends, is the perfect book Continue reading Keeping the Conversation Going Strong

not a decent nights sleep

Last night I must have woken up every two hours. I have a baby monitor in my left ear. I wake up to hear him. He stops. I look around, my girlfriend still sleeping.
I wake up again. He is crying. My girlfriend is not in the bed. He stops.
I wake up again. he is sleeping between us. He opens his eyes.
I wake up again, he’s not crying and i don’t see him in the bed only my girlfriend. I get up, walk to his room, he’s sleeping in the crib.
I wake up again, no crying, no baby, no girlfriend, and somehow I’m on the couch.
This happens every night. I’m like a soldier in Viet Nam expecting Charlie to leap out of hiding.

Elan Zafir’s misemployment of the run-on sentence