We Are Not 30 Rock

Was the aptly titled name of my Improv group that performed last night, opening the show for the cast of 30 Rock. When I say ‘opened the show’ I mean that we were the show directly followed by the live cast of 30 Rock. I saw Alec Baldwin, dressed in a suit, carrying his own bag. He is a large man and seemed to be in very good spirits. I asked him how he felt when David Mamet offered him the role in Glen Garry Glenn Ross and he told me to go f*ck myself, which I understand. It was a sort of stupid actor-y question I could have left to some other groupie.


Has your girlfriend?

Has your girlfriend ever complained in the morning? Not just a complaint, but a list of complaints? Could be three things. Could be four. Could be five and you stop her.
Today, I got….

1. The floor is so sticky I can’t even walk on it.
2. The baby is crying so much I can’t Continue reading Has your girlfriend?

Elan Zafir’s misemployment of the run-on sentence