Glimmer Train

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for participating in our May 2010 Short Story Award for New Writers—we really enjoyed your story!

Although it did not quite make the top-25 list, it did make it a long way through the judging process and was in the top 5% of over a thousand entries, earning you Honorable Mention, which you should note on your cover letter as you send this story back out into the world. Here’s a link to a pdf* of the Honorable Mention list that you can post on your blog, etc., as you like. (And you can log in and click on My Submissions to see your finalist status there.)

Again, thank you for letting us read your work—it is a pleasure!

Best regards,

Linda Swanson-Davies


Blood Vermington

This is something I wrote back on February 3rd 2005.

“Well, Blood Vermington. Seems you’ve botched up another, haven’t you? The Slovaks are crawling down my neck. The Hungarians, breathing down my back. And the Poles would like to know why two of their best operatives were found glued to the Trinity Bell in Town Square, naked. Now I will not swallow the tarny for you this time. The King and Queen want answers and they want them yesterday. This is on your head, Blood! Continue reading Blood Vermington

Big Wolf on Campus

In an effort to compose a reel I’ve had to track down a couple of performances I’d rather not look back on. Albeit small, here is another role on the show Big Wolf on Campus. The series is a direct spin-off of the MIchael J. Fox film entitled Teen Wolf. The episode is “That Swamp Thing You Do,” and my characters name is Woody.

As you can see, from the last two characters, I was subject to type casting. Soon after, I booked yet another role where I played a “weird” guy, and shortly after that I cut my hair.

I wish I had it back.

Elan Zafir’s misemployment of the run-on sentence