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Big Wolf on Campus

In an effort to compose a reel I’ve had to track down a couple of performances I’d rather not look back on. Albeit small, here is another role on the show Big Wolf on Campus. The series is a direct spin-off of the MIchael J. Fox film entitled Teen Wolf. The episode is “That Swamp Thing You Do,” and my characters name is Woody.

As you can see, from the last two characters, I was subject to type casting. Soon after, I booked yet another role where I played a “weird” guy, and shortly after that I cut my hair.

I wish I had it back.

Student Bodies

This is from the second season of this ‘Saved by the Bell’ Canadian spin-off. It is entitled “Detention,” and I play the role of Samford Kaminski.


Is the name of a film I shot two weeks ago. It is nowhere near finished and I’m not even sure I’m permitted to put this on my website without the permission of the director, but it’s only the first scene and only a medium shot of the first scene without any close-up’s, so it’s not like this is going to end up in the film anyway.

Plus I’m excitable, and like the performance of the other guy, too.

Hit the Girl

Was the working title of my first screenplay. The story was given to me by my cousin, Allen, during a breakfast date at Les Halles. He told me a story. I asked some questions, we made some changes, discussed reasons for breaking the silence of the universe, and finally, went away from each other.

I thought about it for three days, then sat down to write. Two days later it was finished, a fifteen page rough draft.

The story is about three friends who go to the beach; frolicking, playful and silly then leave the beach, betrayed, cold and bitter.

There was a scene where my character (realizing he’d been stabbed in the back), tackles his best friend into the ocean. I wanted to get a dummy so I could really put my shoulder into the hit, and lift her up sending her backwards into the water. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a dummy, but the female playing the character of EMMA had plenty of fight experience and didn’t seem to mind me rushing into her at 18 miles an hour (I clocked myself), crushing her lower hips sending her sailing into the cold waters of Coney Island.Photobucket

How hard did I hit her? Let’s put it like this… I wrote the script and didn’t allow the actors to improvise, but we only did one take of this, and I permitted the improvised line that shot out of her mouth while my shoulder dissappeared into her waist line, to stay in the film… it went something like, “Fffrroouuuygh,” whatever that means.

We filmed last Wednesday and if the footage is as good as my cousin thinks it is, I’ll end up putting it up on this site.

He directed the film and it was ultimately for a class project at his University.

I have been bit by the bug. I will concentrate on writing screenplays.

The Rose Tatoo

I have been cast in a new scene as a 25 year old Italian bull that seduces an older widow. It’s The Rose Tatoo, by Tennessee Williams.

Technically you shouldn’t act in any scene until you’ve read the whole play, buuuut….I’m kind of busy these days and my character isn’t talked about by any other actors in the play at any time. I sorta pop-in and pop-out; my main function is to ignite the soul of the old widow (old bag) and seduce the be-jesus out of her.

So how do I seduce? Roses, candles, I grow a thin mustache, Continue reading The Rose Tatoo