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Den of Thieves

After sending this video to a select group of peers Elan received this email two days later….

cat lemieux to me
show details 12:47 PM (9 hours ago)
White Guy playing a Black Guy.
Colorful & animated (choices) but distracting to REALITY.
Passionate performance but Continue reading Den of Thieves

Guy Hooper

A “taped” audition for a Spec Commercial being shot in January.

Role 1: Guy Hooper
Male/ Cauc./ 35-45/ Has the looks of a Vin Diesel meets Ego Maniac Paul Bunyan type. (Does not need to be bald, beard preferred but can be grown in time for shoot). Talent needs to portray an egomaniac to comical proportions. Character is vain mountain-climbing adventurer with little to no respect to people or nature.

is what I had to go on. This could very well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, in the shortest amount of time.


Here is a review of the play I’m in. The production is good. There are four actors in the play.

There is Brian.
Brian is a twirler.
He says he twirls fire.
I think the fact that he twirls says much more [about him] than what he twirls.
Brian is a local actor and has a penchant for comedy. Not that what he says is funny as much as he is consistently telling jokes. He quips, zings, and guffaws his way through topics. The hard topics. The topics that matter—eating fire, his ex-girlfriends ex-nose job, bobbing for apples in vodka, drunk parking (which is as bad as drunk driving), diving push ups, Continue reading Accomplice


I’m doing this for a Jewish outreach program. It’s a song called “I Wish I Had Some Money.” I play an Israeli cousin with a happy tone, and a know-it-all heart. The people working behind the scenes have been fantastic; thanks to all involved! I also sang in this song. It’s sort of like the Finale in Les Miserables. Enjoy.