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Robert Taylor

I want to take a moment and say that I’ve met someone extraordinary. He is an actor, a writer, a father, and a mentor (though he’d claim to be all and none of those). Most certainly he is one of the people I would take with to start the human race over again. (I have a list of people I would take with to start the human race over again). Continue reading Robert Taylor

I’m doing this for you

I’m doing this for you. Yes. Please put away cookie. Drop cookie, drop pretzel. This is for you, and it’s for the future. I don’t know what the future has, but I hope there’s me and I hope there’s you. Upfront. Me, I’m saying. I’m stubborn. Not stupidly stubborn. Heartfelt stubborn. I’m a good listener, but I justify everything (please tell me you’re the same). Oh, and I lie. I’m not Continue reading I’m doing this for you

beyond the depths of perception

This is something I should have done a long time ago and I sincerely apologize to the puppeteer. In Arequipa, Peru, I met a man who made these. I think they speak for themselves, but even if I didn’t have a three year old child whose idea of fun is making dolls talk to each other, I’d still have purchased this unique looking puppet. The artist’s name is Sebastien Caceres []. Continue reading beyond the depths of perception

Day #3

The car is making me sick. I don’t know if it’s the driving or being in the backseat, but I don’t like being in a car anymore. It could be the routine of driving to one place then coming back and knowing there is nothing significant on route. No changes, no spontaneity—we leave, we get there, we come back. Something about it makes me sick.

Those white slabs of wood I saw by at least seventy seats in the audience turned out to be tables. Yes, I’m doing dinner theatre. This is a first for me and that is not a boast.


To the two jerks who made a fuss on the Long Island Rail Road when my girlfriend and I tried to sit down and you grudgingly moved your bag.

I am supposed to understand humans. They say nothing is more nobler or of a higher enjoyment, than the characteristics of humans. You made that hard. It was difficult to be amused by you. Both of you. That means your woman also, who claimed to have not been your women. (Was that an invitation to me?) Public transportation. Look it up. That means, when I want to sit down in the only two seats available, and your plastic bags are on the seats. You move those plastic bags. Move them. Put them above you. Put them below you. Put them on your lap, make a hat, stack em’ flat. Get them off the seat.

It didn’t Continue reading Kindness

I quit smoking

You know when your lover is late waking up, and springing out of bed there’s that flow of thick current that follows her body around like a pinprick? Your face is buried in the pillow and she’s tottering around with chores. She’s flustered. You’re dallying. She’s angry. You’re sleepy. She says, ‘Why?’ You say nothing. She says, ‘Hey?’ You smile. She: ‘I’m serious.’ You: ‘Hold me,’ and she does and lets out a laugh and comes to the bed but repeats, ‘I’m serious.’ Holding her close, Continue reading I quit smoking

You were supposed to fall in love

You took my heart.

I’m talking to you Miss 3 train 72nd street stop downtown bound sitting on the north side of the car between man in grey suit and woman with big arms.

If I were the man you were supposed to fall in love with, I’d be talking to you right now instead of writing this. I would have said, “Are you kidding?” and you’d have said, “Why do I feel like I know you?” and I’d have said, “You do know me,” and you’d have said, “From where?” and I’d have said, “You don’t really know me. I just meant that I feel like I know you,” and you’d have said, “Sit,” and I’d have said, “Yes.”
Continue reading You were supposed to fall in love