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the trickle down theory

I was on top of the world. I was floating on the sky that floated on the wind that floated on the earth. I was dressing in suits. Working short hours. Making cash. There were beautiful people all around me. They carried briefcase’s and papers stapled together. One was in a black skirt with heels. Another, a cerulean blue cardigan. There was a lobby Continue reading the trickle down theory

Snakes, a girl, a test, a boat, and Newton’s three laws of motion

PhotobucketIt was huge. It was biting and snapping at this little girl who I thought at first was my son but turned out later to be my daughter. I kept kicking the snake; picking it up in my hands, by its neck; squeezing the very life out. It’s deranged mouth viciously separated by long rows of teeth. It’s breath like hot mildew; I threw it to the ground, and holding my daughter, ran behind the door shutting it quickly. But that wasn’t enough. It was never enough. Continue reading Snakes, a girl, a test, a boat, and Newton’s three laws of motion

My plane crashed


Flying in a passenger plane, I looked out the window and see the ground very very clearly. I was alone and in the front seat, with glass panels surrounding me, overlooking the entire world soraing past all these faces and buildings and lamp posts and water and we swooped down at some old kinda town, with these wooden planks skyrocketting past my eyes.

I noticed a girl.
I noticed a dog.
A fat kid eating ice cream.
An old woman with a cane and I got scared I would hit her with my feet so I lifted them up as high as they would go.

I found myself outside of the plane inside an open aired video arcade. A man was stepping up to play Galaga and there was a piece of paper taped onto the front of the game which listed the town folk and their high score.

I made change for a guy who was about to play who didn’t say a word to me and seemed quiet or retarded; I don’t remember, but as I made change a penny fell and time seemed to stand still as the penny rolled farther and farther away from us while we watched each other, never taking our eyes off each other, but very aware of the coin rolling away.

I went to all the games and started looking at the names of them, trying to find my childhood. Trying to remember something. The games were all slightly familiar. I almost knew this game, but it had a skateboard in it. I almost knew game, but there was no spaceship. Then it occured to me that I was no longer on the airplane and panicked, “I’m not getting to the place where I was going.”
But reasoned, “I was on the plane, how could I have got off? You can’t get off, a flying airplane.”  

So in my dream, I’m having another dream, and realize that in that dream, I’m only dreaming.

So knowing it was only a dream I relaxed and continued looking for my childhood, scanning the games, hoping to find something familiar.

I didn’t, however, and half giving up and half being keen on the knowledge that I knew I was in a dream, I forced myself to wake up, and woke up, back in the airplane.

I became hungry, looked on the floor in the aisle and was now aware there was someone else on the plane.

I seemed to know them and had forgotten about them until now and my mind floated to them and I could see them all on a bed and they were a family, and they had food and they were happy and this one man who was the engineer of the whole thing seemed to have learned his lesson or taught me his lesson and made his way into the middle of the bed and rolled into a ball and hopped inside this toy octopus made of liquid rubber and dropped himself inside of it making him really small and rolled away into nothing.

When I looked back to where he dissappeared, I noticed the wall was not flat but sticking out (as if someone did a poor construction job) so I tried to shove it back together and make it look good and the wall gave but ultimately it still looked bad and that is where the dream ended and I woke up with a headache.

{Things happen in my dream, and I will accept so much absurdity, so much weirdness, but if the dream goes just a fraction too far, or someone says something too close to what I actually heard in real life, then I suspect the dream of not being real. Or I  suspect the world of being a dream.}


The meaning of life was based on 5 questions I needed to ask Google (I only remember 3).

1. Who built the pyramids?
2. What is Darwins actual message?
3. What happens when you turn off the lights?

I saw my Mother at this party. There was no food. I didn’t know anyone there. It was at my old house and people were telling me to help clean and I began to help but felt indignant (why do I have to clean at my own mom’s house? Then my mom said he doesn’t like me (meaning my son). She was smiling when she said it, as in, how cute that he doesn’t like me but also a bit concerned (afraid to let me know it was serious).