Did you look up

Did you look up?
Were you too late.
Did you not see it? Did you miss it? It is too late?
Did you spend a second thinking about someone else besides you.
Did you toil.
Did you get dirty. Hands dirty. Feet. Mouth. Ears.
Did you shake?
Who made you shake? Who was responsible.
Who was the boogie man. Who was evil. Who was just hurtful.
Who cut into the pie, took what they wanted; and left you thirsty. On your knees. In the dirt.
Who play-acted for you. Was it good? Was it fun? Did you leave you better than you were? Lighter?
When was it shit.
When it was it heavy.
When was it phony.
When was it fake?
When did you walk in and just know you wished things were different. So when did you stand up?
When did you look up and see the top and say holy shit I can grab that.
I can actually grab that.
That is within my reach.
That is my life.
I can take it.
I can have the life I want; rather than complain about the one I’m in.
Take it. Take it. Rise.
Live your best life starting now.