remember that day

Remember that day
You showed up late
And said those words to me:
“I’ll love you till the rocks come down.”
It was just you and me.

It was a bright and Bluebird Day
And talk and talk we did.
And when you took out Gatorade
I thought “MAN, my dad’s the shit!”

Fast Forward;
Though it happened slow;
It got warm;
It got cold;
It got tense;
It got torn;
Over and over till a baby was born.

Want to play?
Can’t today.
Wanna talk?
Late for walks.
Wanna spit?
You still doing that?
Wanna swing?
Don’t wear my ring.
Wanna riot.
SHH! Quiet.

And now my room was eaten up
And now my time with you was up;
And now I share your wild focus
As we brace for sounds like locusts.

Would you bite into an apple thinking about me?
Would you build a swing set in the backyard all for me?

Will you take me on some trips?
France: for bread and cake?
Will you take me off to Spain
For bulls and wine and lakes?

You have another child I can see it in your face;
You have another child she has claimed a master race.
My memories deleting while this new one flops about.
All my height marks in bright green have now been all crossed out.

Have your kid;
Live your life;
Pretend that you are free.
“I’ll love you till the rocks come down.”
Is what you said to me.

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