When It’s almost day

When it’s almost day
There are so many things
I have to say;
There was no peep from me at night
But I had dreamed another life.

You didn’t go to work
You went to a shower;
Hour by hour
You added some lather;
The lather got big
Out the window you went
Driving to work in not a bike but a tent.

The tent went fast
Swooshed to a stop;
All you could see was
A thousand rocks;
You never did hurry
The work was refreshing
Your family happy.

A big machine
Across the street
Makes a sound like crushing feet;
And when I look
Out my window
I see my neighbors scream.


We have no legs!
That truck ran us over!
Now we’re all dead!

That’s why you never cross the street
Don’t ever ever cross the street
Don’t even think about crossing the street
Without a parent near you.

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