Everybody: Performance #2

Everybody 2
I was selected as EVERYBODY tonight, and I hadn’t played it in a week.
A lot has changed since that week.
We have been rehearsing the play right up to, and on opening night.
We have made changes in staging, choices in acting, changes in blocking.
Pretty much the gambit of what it takes to make a great night of theatre.
And it’s all par for the course, and you can whittle away at a piece of wood till it no longer exists, or a painting you can add dimensions to, and when do you stop? Do you stop?
I played EVERYBODY last night and it was such a great feeling.
I must remember that when

I don’t play EVERYBODY.
You can get a little actor-greedy, and just want to play EVERYBODY every night, and that’s not fair. Not only does EVERYBODY have the most lines he also effects the most change, or non-change. They is supported by all, and supports all. They are the one that’s dying, or fighting tooth and nail to live.
Ah, one trap of this play is to play the despair.
Are you a victim?
I guess, but no one wants to see you play a victim.
They want to see you fight, trick, devise, lie, deny, entertain, excite, manipulate your way out of death. Then they want you to fail.
Trust me, there is room for despair.
But do us all a favor and save it.
I wanted to go out for a drink after and discuss the play at length.
There are all these moments (lip synchs), which I was attempting to make a through line for, and didn’t come up empty, but came up only having scratched the surface.
It’s also, always fun to take your clothes off in front of an audience that does not know you are ACTUALLY going to take your clothes off.
I felt calm, and assured. I did go up on my lines, at least twice I can remember, but didn’t worry about it, and eventually talked my way back to the script. Hey, that’s what happens when you have five tracks in your head.
I really enjoyed myself. The rest of the cast, however, bounced so I did not get a chance to debrief. I imagine this must happen to them, as well.
If you play everybody you want to chat and talk and communicate and have ideas thrown at you, and throw your own and make concepts and reason out what happened. All this talk about death needs an outlet.
Whereas everyone else just goes home.
And EVERYBODY is left feeling “alone” again.
Did I mention I had a great time playing everybody yesterday.
I really did.
I came to this town 7 years ago.
This has been my 4th show at The Shakespeare Theatre Company.
But certainly the first where I am playing a character that has so many opinions.
SENATOR #1 in Othello had a couple opinions
SAMPSON in Romeo and Juliet had a couple opinions.
EVERYBODY in Everybody has the most.
And it feels good to be listened to. Even if ultimately no one does what you say. It does feel good.
We also had a talk back that I think went quite well, I never stay for talk backs when I’m in the audience—or when I’m acting in a show, but I did last night. I don’t really remember what anyone said, oh wait, yes, someone got really dark at the end and began speaking about the meaninglessness in the world and how she tells her grandchildren to not have children. We sorta ended with that. Was it uplifting? No. But, it was honest, and I get it. I’m scared, too.

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