Everybody opened last night

Everybody Cast
Everybody is quite strange play.
Normally when I’m in a play, I always think that the offstage antics (induced by the play the company is performing) could very well be the impetus for another play. But ESPECIALLY for this one.

Five actors memorize five roles. And those roles are chosen by the actors through a live lottery onstage. No one knows who they will play, any night, ever.
This is an incredibly challenging feat for actors.
Most audience members believe it’s not real:
A hoax in the marketing or something.
I can’t speak for other productions, but I assure you—it’s real. And it’s it’s not, the anxiety that is produced by not knowing who you’re going to play— IS VERY REAL.

The cast for opening night was as follows…

COUSIN — Ayana
STUFF — Kelli

I thought last night’s show was probably our best one yet. I imagine the show, like all shows, will continue to grow and deepen.
It usually takes me about a week into performances to truly relax and play.
But with never really having enough time to rehearse. Meaning, when I finish rehearsing a scene, I would love to go over it several more times to solidify what I learned in my head. However, if that happened, the other five actors in the show wouldn’t get their shot at the part. This is counterintuitive to what I’ve normally experienced in rehearsals. It taught me a bunch of patience, time management, risk-taking, and left/right brain functions. Which I will get to later.
In short, this play has always felt like a mildly structured improvisation.
Not that the playwright would want to hear that, but I don’t mean we just say whatever pops into our heads; what I do mean is you can never really relax, so you might as well, just well… relax.

In the coming posts I will talk more about what happened during the rehearsal process of EVERYBODY by Brandon Jacob Jenkins, Directed by Will Davis. An experience I will NEVER forget. One that I hope, I will continue to pull from in show after show.

It was, and continues to be, a truly fascinating experience that I wish on all friends and enemies.

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