A dad of two, Or all that matters

Elan Zafir as “Hubert” in King John
Photo by Teresa Wood

It’s really challenging to be a great father.
I’m writing a TV show.
I need a new oven.
Money is tighter/more tight than average.

But what I’d really like to discuss today is what happens to me when I die.
What happens to me when I die.
What will I miss.
What am I not going to see.
What AM I going to see.

I just realized last night that in a certain amount of time it’s all over.
That’s it.
No more.
It doesn’t go on.
I am not a part of things.
Did its make me sad?
Not sad.
More empty.
I really felt it last night.
I have a finite time on earth.
Then it’s over.
Nothing else is going to happen for me.
And that’s a strange concept to truly understand.
If everyone truly understood the concept
In a certain/
In a finite amount of time
Nothing is ever going to happen to you again…
There would be…
Something would come out of that.
We’re all gone.
Now, what IF something else happens.
Something happens when we sleep, but not always.
It’s possible SOMETHING might happen to us when we die.
But who will know about it.
Who will care.
Will it be the same characters.
Will I care if it’s new characters.
Will I have a deeper understanding of these characters.
What if the people there don’t know me.
What if I have introduce myself all over again.
What if I have to be a baby again.
Do I have a choice?
IS there free-will?
I don’t know that I want to go away
For so long.


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