sometimes i have these waking dreams.
someone is always doing something mundane
cleaning out papers
marking up a script
they all take place in rehearsal though.
that is the binding fact.
someone will be speaking on a subject
usually it’s not to me
and as they are beginning to make their point
they’ll refer to their notes and break eye contact with their audience
and in that moment of “is this right?”
“Am I where I need to be”
“Can I support this argument”
Is when I know I’ve been here before.

Now skeptics will say
It is the essence

on uncertainty you’ve taken.
What I am receiving occurs in all rehearsal halls
around the world.
anxiety mixed with confidence
fear driven stubborness
all things that go into the pot of creating a unique piece of work.
to you denier’s I will require you to observe closely
the detail in which this prose began.
It can’t possibly be the same experience
with every rehearsal I’ve ever attended
because sometimes I have these waking dreams
And if I knew these were dreams how could i be awake?
And if all dreams have a common thread
How could I distinguish one from another?

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