Do bad reviews bother actors?

The short answer—most professional actors don’t care.
Having said that…
Look at all actor websites in the world (mine included),
You will see [in bold]
Positive highlights of said reviews.
Personally, I loooove reading a bad review.
Especially when they say something bad about an actor I know really well.
I know the actor is great.
I’ve probably
worked with the actor in some capacity.
Or, seen them somewhere and enjoyed their work.
I know the actor doesn’t take it seriously,
And I can kid with them about it.

I played “Jimmy” in Look Back in Anger about 20 years ago.
We were a new theatre company.
We performed at the Atwater Library in Montreal, Canada.
The Gazette came and reviewed the show.

“Elan Zafir plays Jimmy Porter not so much as angry, but more of a whining crybaby.”

I was at an audition the next day.
Sitting in my car, and gathering my things.
As I pulled the door open
My car slams shut and
Covering the driver side window
I see what looks like paper.
A second later I realize it’s newspaper.
A second after that I realize it’s the Look Back in Anger review.
A second after that I realize my friend is holding it to the window.
Since then, the phrase has become legend.
My theatre friends will use it, but say it in an old professors voice.

“Despite this, “The Way of the World” is very funny most of the time. It helps that the play’s comedy is so physical and the whole cast is willing to ham it up. But others take it too far, such as Elan Zafir who plays Henry’s loud friend Reg who completely tapped into the cocaine-fueled persona of the late Chris Farley with mixed results.”

—Ahmad Coo for CTGN

He used my name and Chris Farley’s in the same sentence.
My work on this planet is done.

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