Character Monologue: REG

Way of the World by Theresa Rebeck
Costumes by Linda Cho
Set by Alexander Dodge.

(Left to Right: Luigi Sottile, Elan Zafir, Brandon Espinoza)
Photo by Teresa Wood.

Two men at a table in a restaurant.
Henry, I want to talk to you.
Sure what’s up, Reg?
I’m not going be around much longer.
Golfing in Hawaii?
Gambling in Vegas?
Shrooms in Bangkok?
Henry, I got Stage IV Cancer.
That’s hysterical.
Not sure why that’s funny.
Oh, you are awesome!
It’s all over my pancreas, Henry. All in my seamen. I had sex with a prostitute yesterday morning. I haven’t done that in ten days. I wanted to do so much. I wanted to
give kids bicycles. Cheap ones, but that have brakes—that work. One’s at flea markets; I could probably get a good deal. I wanted to help old people with their finances; some for me, some for them. Get some antiques on the down-low, sell them to Sotheby’s. Fuck the hostess at Sotheby’s. She writes an article about how hard it is to work at Sotheby’s. I apologize. Come clean about my life. Buy a Harley. Travel around the United States. Meet a hooker. Fall in love. Get drunk. Hold our child. Accidentally drop it on the tile bathroom. Set fire to the apartment. Steal her cigarettes. Drive all night to the Grand Canyon and leap in.
Are you still coming to my party?
I probably have time.

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