Hey You


Twenty five people in the audience today. I flyer-ed from 1pm-3:45pm, and holy shit did it work! My wife and mother in law were there to give that last extra push.

I would like to say something to that woman who told me “I’m doing the right thing.” But what I really heard was “Hold on.” I heard what you said. About your father. I want to thank you for sharing that with me, and I want to thank you for seeing my show, and being open enough to let it affect you. Sorry, if I seemed somewhat distant, or confused. When someone I don’t know is telling me something very personal—it’s hard for me to concentrate. I feel a lot of stimulus, and there’s your face, voice, clothing, the content of what you’re saying… I’m trying to take it all in, and I get sensory overload.

But I heard you. And I hope you hear me when I say you are the reason I wrote a show like this.

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