they speak different

Yes, it’s English, but it’s hard to understand.
They also use different words than we do, so in that way it’s like a different language.
I met a man giving out flyers for a pizza place next door to my venue, and he seemed very interested in my show, but I was more interested in his pizza.
Tomorrow we open my second play Super Earth.
Very excited about that.
Little sad to be leaving my play for a week, but will becoming back to it from the 19th-26th!
I love performing my piece.
I don’t know how to get reviewers to come see it.
It’s as though you need to light yourself on fire.
Or, call your play “Jerk Off.”
Or, “Come See Vagina’s.”
Or, “Crazy Fucking (Live).”
Might have had a reviewer in yesterday, but still no review to be found.
I walked a dog on the beach today.
Her name is Piper.
She’s super sweet, and it makes me miss my dog.
I don’t miss the States at all.
That says something.
Everybody wants to talk about Trump.
Everyone is frightened about Trump.
Everyone thinks Trump will be impeached in a year.
The festival is certainly optimistic.
It’s hard not to be with all this beautiful weather.

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