The Edinburgh Fringe 2017: 3 minutes

We performed three minutes of material for critics, fellow artists, and audience members last night.

I wasn’t in love with what I did. Not that it was the manner in which I performed, but because I don’t think it presented the entirety of the show.

I did, however, want to give a taste of what it would be like to be in the audience of my show, and I think that went over abundantly clear.

I met so many people yesterday from the hours of 13:05-14:30.

There is a play about Brexit, a play about gun control, a woman that wore a fetus mask (or sperm, she may have been sperm), a puppet, an interactive online (live) dating show, a bunch of people singing the Book of Mormon (is that legal), a two person Russian string quartet, a children’s show that didn’t care to be a children’s show, two young British men in some sort of dorm-room dramedy, and eight other plays I had to miss because I had to rush off to rehearsal.

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