THE EDINBURGH FRINGE 2017: From Glasgow to Edinburgh

From Glasgow to Edinburgh one sees a lot of green.
There are farms, and antique looking homes that probably
have a fire going.
Peet moss.
I saw a young man smoking a cigarette as I left the bus that brought me to Queens Station.
There are now a lot of sheep. They seem so small.
The region is filled with hills.
Seems like this land gets plenty of rain.
The train itself is smooth, and runs on time.
The conductor asked for tickets
“Tickets, please.”
But he didn’t click them, or punch them as they do in New York.
He only looked at them.
There are seats facing front,
Seats facing back.
Seats facing a table, that people share.
People are on their phones,
I don’t know why but I feel like everyone is putting on an accent.
Upon exiting the plane, from Heathrow to Glasgow, a man offered to put up the bar for me (I was a window seat he was in the middle), and I thought that was very nice.

Can I put it up for you?
I would love that.

Is that too much?
“I would LOVE that.”

He ordered a tea and a Kit Kat, which I thought was going to be an interesting sandwich, but in fact, turned out to be a Kit Kat chocolate bar.

Not many pools. I haven’t seen many pools. And no one is wearing flip flops.

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