I am very excited.
I rehearsed yesterday walking around the airport.
I have never performed in a play where I was COMPLETELY off-book before rehearsal, but with 6 or so rehearsals being the rehearsal process, I felt it was necessary.
Not that it matters, cause I’ll forget my lines when I’m standing up.
Heathrow reminds me of a mall.
With large windows.
It’s quiet.
There is a small din. Constant. Easy.
Being that it’s 5am where I am, and maybe got two hours of sleep last night, I am in touch with the metaphysical side of life.
I see a small woman eating a sandwich, but her metaphysical side is saying “Where are the napkins.”
Not very deep, I know.
That might be on me.
She needs a napkin, because mustard is on her face.
I’m in London!
I am staring out the window towards London!
This place is real.
I have read biographies of the greatest actors of our generation, and they all passed through this airport!
Just like me.
“Pick up rubbish?” Is what mid-driff just said, before removing the leftovers of a mostly eaten ham and cheese sandwich.
She might be a wizard;
Working at Pret a Manger.

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