I am finally here.
This is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but in London airport.
Do people know about it?
It is really Mardi Gras for theatre?
Are people singing at the Starbucks?
Regrettably, no.
Everyone is mulling about.
And they look just like Americans, but more curious.
This could be an airport thing.
Or, maybe this is what they call “European” but when they mean it in a good way.
Feels like New York.
THis is my firs time in London.
A manager at Pret just asked the Polish woman to tuck in her shirt because she was showing mid-driff. In Mid-driff’s defense she is 6’3ft, and the broom and dustpan are too short for her lengthy form.

Do excuse the nature of this post. For me, it is 5am.

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