Dear God Don’t let me fail

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Oh, nothing. Just waited my entire life to do something like this, and it’s six weeks away. But who’s counting right?

Terrified. I am absolutely terrified.

I am going to share something I wrote on the first day I started to write what would become The Unaccompanied Minor. 

The exercise was to write down your hopes and fears. Then write down someone who wouldn’t have those fears. Or, if they would— how they would handle them. Then write a character monologue Continue reading Dear God Don’t let me fail

What’s new with Kate Mara

Kate, hi.
You don’t know me, but I want to marry you.
This is real, Kate. This…
Yes. This is the real thing.
I don’t know you. I have seen some of your TV work.
Your film work.
Doesn’t matter.
I don’t care.
I seriously want to marry you.
Now, I’m married, which does pose a bit of an issue.
I will have to talk to my wife.
I… not really sure how that’s going to go…
But, it’s the real thing Kate.
I thought a lot about what I’d write you.
How I could describe to you what was going on with me
And… Huge. Crush.
I am crushing on you.
I’m forty. Full disclosure.
I have a cat.
Just gave him a bit of catnip, and now it’s the old 3,2,1
“Don’t bit me you little shit. Ow. Seriously, that hurts.”
But it’s real.
I am crushing Continue reading What’s new with Kate Mara