A perfect world

You always hear people say “create the world you want to live in.” I don’t know much about carpentry, wood-work, geometry of structures, but I do know about fire.
I was a block away when the second tower of the World Trade Center came down. After running full speed for what seemed like an hour: I stopped moving, and realized I was now on the West Side Highway. I was on the street; I remember thinking “where are all the cars?” The highway was bare. No cars. Just people.
When the first tower fell I was already bruised fruit. I didn’t have radio, internet, any way of understanding what the outside world already knew: America was under attack. I walked back toward my apartment, where I saw a car get towed just an hour and a half earlier; while tower #2 was still on fire. The tow truck man watched the building burn as he loaded the offending car onto his truck.

I went into my room; drank a half bottle of wine, and tried to assimilate what I saw, and when I couldn’t, I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later wondering if it had all been a dream.
Today, I have a similar feeling of people going to work while a fire burns in a building.

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