stay in the room

I would seriously consider taking you Costa Rica.
Man is that place beautiful.
Do you like cards?
Do you enjoy coffee?
Then Costa Rica is the place for you.

We can hike to the Devil’s Mouth
Which lies at the outskirts of Monteverde.
We’d sit at the edge of the mountain
Watching clouds run their
Fingers on the cliff.

What about you and me
Kicking it in Monteverde?
Your hat of straw;
Your shirt: cotton, and bright;
Your boots unlaced swaying back
And forth on the coffee table.
You’d look so cute as you
Dip your face into the cup to drink.

I can’t get a make on your eyes;
I don’t even know what color.
I want to say green
But my memory isn’t there,
It’s stuck on your socks
(worn-out pink.
Like a lamplight from 1984
Or, three days of dried-out stage blood.

The day is a weird thing isn’t it?
I’m a king in the night.
My thoughts, like bunched up sod,
Find roots in planets.
But like Hemingway said,
“It’s easy to be hardboiled about things in the day.”
Survival mode.
Though to be honest,
It’s a daze.
The kind you gotta bite your
Tongue to stay in the room.

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