Attached to Tupperware

Read This,
In case we don’t get the chance to talk.

I could open the door to your apartment
(I’m imagining a buzzer type of system)
You buzz me in
I come upstairs
You open the door
(Or, it’s already slightly open
And you’re half in half out)
You smile
I smile.
You receive the food
We talk briefly at the door
I hand you the plastic bag
You turn around
I turn around.


You could invite me in.
I could hear you saying something like
“Do you have a second?”
While motioning toward the
Inside of your door.

Are we at your kitchen table?
Is there a wooden bowl
With oranges inside it?
Will you eat right away
Or, just put the tupperware
In the fridge?
Will I see your room?
That is the question.
And not—
just so you know:
For “ohhh’s” and “ahhh’s”
You can get that anywhere.
You can get that home alone with a laptop;

For being excited;
Not knowing what’s going to happen next,
Which is the greatest gift you can give.

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