photo-2Sometimes I feel like I’m a leaf in a jar.
I don’t know how I got there,
Probably fell from the sky.
But here I am,
In the jar.

My legs and arms touching smooth glass.
Sometimes it rains,
And I get wet,
And it hurts.

I feel my skin giving
In to the weight of water.
I won’t drown,
But I’m powerless,
To my surroundings.

I imagine it will be sunny.
I imagine drying off in the warm wind.
But cold days are ahead.
If they weren’t,
I wouldn’t have fallen from the tree.

Maybe I have to work on my landing.
Look! I could have landed on the table,
Slipped between the grooves and landed on the floor,
Next to the cigarette butts
Piling high.

Either way,
Water evaporates,
And leaves turn color.
And one day I will dissolve into the air,
And a new me will grow again,
Waiting to fall,
Into another jar.

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