Day 21

Went 13 miles yesterday: finished in 2:02:38. Kinda far off my last 13 mile run which was 1:35:35 and happened almost ten years ago.

I thought about a lot of stuff going on in my head. A lot of stuff about my wife, my son, dad, brother. Physically, I had more in the tank by the end of the run which says good things about me running longer. I was able to have a conversation (with myself), right up to the last minutes of the run. I averaged 9:28/mile, which again is far off from what I ran ten years ago (7:15/mile).

Life is a crazy thing, and crazy things happen. Being older means that I’m not as free on my blog as I’ve been in the past. I’m not as free, because I think about other people and put their feelings ahead of my own. In doing that, there are some people and relationships I’m unwilling to discuss on my blog—even though they deal directly with me. In short, I am going to write more stories, and poems. I think I’ll be able to get across the feelings I have without getting anyone in trouble, or hurting anybody’s feelings.

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