Day 19

img_2200I ran 8.74 miles today. I ranged somewhere around 9 minute miles. I felt good the whole time. I thought about improv. I thought about how I was going to approach my class tonight. what three things do I want to work on.

  1. Initiating better group games.
  2. Initiating better second beats.
  3. Initiating with bolder characters.

We had improv auditions to be placed on Harold teams yesterday. It was fun! I think I had one really good scene about a knight that entered a new Kingdom and his gifts were the gold coins of elves he slaughtered. (You had to be there.) The guy I was playing with was very good. Very gracious. He was picking up on everything I threw out, and added a lot to the scene. He had one very funny things: he was shocked to hear I had killed so many elves, and said “The elves provide us with vegetables and fruits; they feed the entire kingdom!” I didn’t have a good response. I think I said “I will miss those.” Or, maybe I’m remembering that only now. I should have said something like “A true knight knows how to source locally. We can’t we wasting our money importing food from the forest.” Ho-hum. Always better later. Put that on my grave… “He was better… later.”

What I would give to dance with my son on the beach again: Just dancing in the dark.


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