The Magician

img_2217A short monologue inspired by an overheard voice…
Just don’t start conversations with ‘are you a magician.'”
(I left in WOMAN, and MAN 2 to further help the performing of the piece.) 

Man on a train.
MAN: Excuse me. Hi, sorry to bother you. Are you a magician?
(WOMAN: A what?)
MAN: A magician.
(WOMAN: No.)
MAN: Oh, cause you were shuffling cards. You shuffle cards very well.
(WOMAN: Thank you.)
MAN: I was going to ask you to show me a trick. Know any tricks? No? I do. Let me see your cards?
(WOMAN: I’m good.)
MAN: Let me see them. What am I gonna do? Steal them? We’re on a train.
(MAN 2: She doesn’t want to give them to you.)
MAN: Whoa. Wow. Who are you? Are you guys together? No. Then, back off my business. Back up off me. You don’t know me. I’m talking with her. We’re having an illuminating conversation about—
(MAN 2: You don’t know me.)
MAN: I know what it’s like to sit behind you. I know what’s like when you shove your head back—every minute—so you can get comfortable. Frankly, it’s unnerving. (to WOMAN) Gimme your cards. Give them to me. I’ll show you a trick.
MAN: No? Okay. Your loss.
Pause. MAN 2 begins chatting with WOMAN.
MAN: Nope. Do not start talking with her. Do not begin chatting with her. I broke the ice—you don’t deserve the “in” I created. (to WOMAN) I thought you were a magician… I gave you that gift.

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