Day 18

Today is supposed to be a rest day, but instead I ran 3 miles (9:33/miles). I felt a bit of shin splints toward the middle, but they went away. Sometimes people talk about having “fresh legs” that was not mine today. They weren’t stuck to the pavement, but weren’t happily bouncing/keeping good pace.

I’m so sweaty after I run. It’s disgusting. I get out of the shower. Dry off. Go to my computer to log the information, and my computer is wet. My arms are re-wet. My back. I have to wrap a towel around me like a prayer shawl so I don’t sweat on the kitchen table and chairs. And the towel is downstairs hanging in an old Whole Foods bag: said towel, hasn’t been washed since the last time I visited the neighborhood Aquatic Center which closed on Labor Day, and anything in this house that doesn’t get washed begins to smell vaguely of cat.

I don’t understand how anyone could find me anything but repulsive. I’m like a hairy, sweaty, cat smelling-hippo.

Hey, ladies.


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