Day 17

img_2183Ran 6 miles today with an average of 9:07/mile. Nothing hurts.

Opening Romeo & Juliet tonight. My third show at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. I really love this place, and I hope one day to become an affiliated artist here. To me, that would mean belonging to this theatre. Being a company member.

I saw on Facebook that they are doing a solo show at Studio Theatre! That makes me very happy, because not only will I be able to see that show, but also it means someone has paved the way for me to do MY solo show at Studio Theatre.

I have hopes to take it to Edinburgh this summer, and if it gets some attention… THEN perhaps Studio Theatre will be interested. I certainly can’t just go straight to them with the play now. After all, I’m 9 miles away. Can’t run that far. (Yet.)

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