Day 15

img_2203The couple new lines, I was to learn, turned out to be nine. Nine lines of Shakespeare.

I have a strange thing with memory. I can memorize entire plays, solo shows, ten pages of contemporary tv auditions in two days, but I was mostly aganozing over these nine lines yesterday.

My wife, I know, would have memorized them in five minutes. I get angry sometimes cause she’ll reluctantly help me memorize a commercial audition, and end up knowing the lines before me. That’s when I make up my actory excuse of “I’m channeling things while I’m saying the things I’m saying.” To which she’ll reply “you’re an idiot.”

Both are true.

I went for a 3.5 mile run around the monuments yesterday, felt great. Felt like I should have been going faster. My mile time is now somewhere around 9:30/a mile. I would like to bring it to 9 minutes a mile. Actually, I’d like to bring it to 8 minutes a mile, but lets get to nine first.

The Marathon book I’m reading keeps telling me to take it easy for your first marathon. Just finish. That’s very unlike me, because I’m extremely competitive. Ask my wife and son. We once did death scenes, and filmed them (I lost). We did fake gymnastics on the beach at night—making up names for the moves we did before we did them (I lost).

Point. I said every word perfectly last night, except for one, but I was a little nervous and don’t actually remember. The line was…

“We cannot without circumstance descry.”

And I might have said….

“We cannot without circumspect descry.”

Which is pretty much the same thing, except not at all. One is a noun, the other an adjective. That word pretty much takes the wind out of my whole argument. Again, not sure I said that word. I think I was perfect, but in the remembering on the drive home—I somehow remember this word.

Anyway, very exciting! And the wife comes home today!

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