Day 12


Ran 3 miles around the monuments again. Leg felt better, but running at a much slower pace than I’m used to. Going to continue this till discomfort in right calf has settled.

A lot like running through central park, but more exposed. Passing the Washington Monument there were 8 sprinkles acting like children. They seemed to be pointing in one direction, but one a tourist passed by… the sprinkler would spray them. Much laughing ensued. More picture taking as well.

I saw several runners with their shirts off. I think about taking mine off, too. Then I think about running without suntan lotion. I know when you run a race there are volunteers at water stations, handing out water and gatorade. Are there suntan lotion reapply stations? What if when I’m running I want to take my shirt off, but I’ve been sweating so much I need a reapplication of sun screen SPF 30. I would need that.

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