Day 8

IMG_2160I was supposed to run 7 miles today, but only ran 5.64mi. I thought I was running six, but i misread my watch. I felt that slight discomfort again above my left ankle. I think it’s my achilles tendon. It’s not as sharp a pain as it was two days ago, but nagging enough that I wanted to stop at mile 6. I didn’t start feeling it until mile 4, so I think that’s progress.

In fact, right now it doesn’t feel too bad either. I’m going to continue with week three as if I had indeed run 7 miles (will run an extra one during the week).

A fly flew up my nose, but I blew it out right away.

A fellow actor said I act weird when I wear my Thai Yoga pants, but I think that’s just her way os saying she likes me… or her way of saying I’m not special. Depends if she’s got a good heart or not.

Funny how we think everyone has a good heart; everyone THINKS they have a good heart. And who decides.

I ate four oreo cookies before my run today; I don’t think that had anything to do with my achilles tendon.

Taffy was so funny in this picture. This boardwalk had the same exact stores every two minutes of walking. It’s as though you reached the end of space and time (every two minutes of walking), and it started all over again: Arcade, tattoo, dollar store, funnel cake, ice cream parlour, souvenir shop, Belgian fries, Snow cone palace… Then start all over again. My boy stopped at almost every single store wanting to go in, look around, buy something. Every. Fucking. Store. I could only laugh, otherwise, the parent in me would have lost my shit. It was like a social experiment he was conducting on adults. As I write these words I realize I’m in awe of it.

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