Day 5

IMG_2154At this point I’m just going in order, but there are two days a week that I rest and one day a week that I “cross train” or “eat pretzels” however you want to look at it.

Today was great. I felt very strong and ran my fastest 5K. I have the urge to increase my mileage, but I’m not going to because I’d rather err on the side of healthy sustained running.

Based on a suggestions from Murakami I have taken to listening to The Loving Spoonfuls. The songs are unique and catchy, but not in a mindless way. They lyrics are simple and engaging, and the beat drives intelligently ,and with ease of purpose.

One particular song I like is My Gal : it does in fact remind me of my gal. I substitute my wife’s face as the hero in the song, and it makes me smile.


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